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Review: A25 Pizza

I had the lovely pleasure of trying A25 Pizzeria's new vegan menu. The pizza was phenomenal, the cheese tastes just like real cheese and was full of flavour. The icecream featured below is also vegan while the pasta and cannoli are vegetarian options. Overall, a really diverse menu to suit all food restrictions. The staff were really friendly and had great knowledge of the menu. With three locations, A25 is a great, convenient option for a fun night out. Vegan Eggplant Parmigiana - $24 Loved this pizza, good serving size and excellent flavour. The dough was cooked well with a nice crust. The tomato sauce was tart, sweet and strong while the vegan cheese truly tasted like real cheese but did lack of gooey stringy texture of mozzarella. The eggplant, tomato and cheese all complimented each other really well and there was a decent amount of toppings.  Papardelle Porcini - $23 Lovely thick al dente pasta with a strong porcinic flavour, loaded with parmesan c

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