Review: Rice Paper Scissors

This was my birthday "surprise" dinner at another one of Melbourne's modern, fusion Asian restaurants, serving up amazing, reinvented dishes palatable to more taste buds than some of your traditional flavours and ingredients.

Left: Homemade Ice Tea - $4.50
I don't remember the exact flavour. It changes regularly,
but this was of a mango, coconut, lime flavour.
I really enjoyed the flavour, reminded me of mango nectar
with some herbs. However, it was a really hot night
and the drinks only came out quite warm, which made
them less refreshingly
Right: Vietnamese Ice Coffee - $3.50
Not a great Vietnamese coffee, it was quite dilute.
Would recommend getting another drink over this.
BBQ Lamb Ribs - $12
These lamb ribs are to die for. That whiskey marinade was so gutsy.
The alcohol burnt off well, leaving no residual bitter taste, but
really nice smokey whiskey flavour. The lamb was also really tender
and just fell off the bone.
Sticky Pork Belly - $12
This dish again packs a punch. Succulent pork with crispy skin,
superb glaze, full of flavour. The salad added nice freshness.
Thai Fried Chicken -  $12
Not the best fried chicken out there, but definitely had great flavours,
The skin was so crispy but unfortunately at the cost of dry meat.
I really enjoyed the mayo dipping sauce, which added moisture
to the meat.
Balinese Roast Duck - $14
My least favourite dish of the night. I just found the mixture of spices
overpowering, especially since they weren't incorporated into the meat.
I think it did go well with the betel leaves though, and the duck itself
was cooked well. If you like thai curry paste, then this essentially tasted
like it. 
Southern Thai Style Soft Shell Crab Curry - $13
One of the best thai curries I've had. Even in the soup the crab
stayed crispy and light. The curry was mild in spice, but really
creamy and fragrant, we just couldn't get enough of that soup.
Would've been good to have with some rice or bread to soaked it up.
Banana Roti - $10
Pure sugar heaven. Any sweet tooth will adore this dish.
Light and crispy roti, full of "healthy" banana, everyone's favourite,
Nutella and roasted peanuts. The condense milk made the dessert really sweet,
which some people might find over the top, but I found tolerable.

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